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Petroleum Geology

The dynamics of the petroleum industry require a flexible approach to staffing and expenditure. Wakelin Associates provides responsive onsite or office-based geology to suit the needs of our clients. We source additional specialist expertise when and where required. Click here for our client list.

E&P consulting geology

  • Project work, seismic interpretation, mapping and prospect generation
  • Exploration asset management and technical support for new ventures appraisal and farmin / farmout efforts

Independent technical evaluations

  • Resource estimation as per the Petroleum Resource Management System (PRMS)

Operations and wellsite geology

  • Operations management and procurement for onshore exploration
  • Wellsite geology and/or office base operations geology for onshore and offshore exploration
  • Post-well reporting

Geospatial and Petroleum database services

  • Documented loading of seismic and well data to Kingdom
  • Regional geophysical imagery in support of regional investigations
  • Correct importation of data from obscure geographic projection systems