Wakelin Associates is a geoscience consultancy to the environmental and resources sectors, founded in 1987 in the Northern Territory (Australia). Our staff geoscientists each have 30-45 years in their areas of specialty , including field experience across Australia, offshore, and in the Asia-Pacific region. We can call on a network of associates as required for larger jobs. We specialise in

  • geomorphology for land management, environmental assessments, or cultural heritage clearances,
  • geoheritage documentation and assessment,
  • geology and operations for hydrocarbon exploration,
  • spatial analysis (GIS) for the field sciences.



Gordon Wakelin-King (Director and Consultant)

B.Sc.Hons. Geology & Mineralogy; MAIG; Email Gordon

Gordon has been working as a petroleum geologist since 1985. His experience includes Central Australia Proterozoic basins, Cooper/Eromanga Basin and Australian southern margin basins.
Operations included fully cored slim-hole wells and air drilling in frontier areas with responsibility for permitting through to site rehabilitation.
He has also worked extensively in the Otway and Gippsland Basins, performing operations management, exploration geology, new ventures and farmout support for a number of smaller operators in the area. Operational experience in the Gippsland and Carnarvon Basins and Timor Sea included extended-reach horizontal developments and deep-water projects.
He has written internal and independent PRMS-based resource evaluations for Australian and overseas CBM and conventional resource projects. International experience includes China CBM and conventional resources in various South American basins.
Gordon’s wide experience working with smaller companies brings versatility and a working knowledge of most aspects of the industry, with an ability to source and work with other specialist expertise as required. Gordon has participated extensively in PESA, serving as State and Federal President.


Gresley Wakelin-King (Director and Consultant)

B.Sc.Hons. Geology & Mineralogy, Ph.D.; Research Email Gresley

Gresley has been working in the Australian drylands for over 30 years, beginning with an honours project on the shoreline of Lake Buchanan, Queensland. In her early years with the Northern Territory Geological Survey she worked in rocks, regolith, and structural geology, using targeted field investigations to resolve regional-scale mapping projects. As an active member of the Alice Springs community, she became familiar with rangeland management issues from both the scientific and the stakeholder perspectives. Her doctoral research, on an ephemeral river in western New South Wales, identified drylands fluvial processes, their characteristic sedimentary deposits, and management implications for local landholders. Gresley's aim as a consultant is to document site-specific landscape processes in a way that is relevant to and accessible to local land managers. Her present research interests are the rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin, inland Australia’s landscape evolution, and matching rehabilitation works to natural landform behaviours.
Gresley's capabilities are process geomorphology, drylands rivers, remote-area field work, sedimentology, regional-scale geological and topographical analysis, spatial analysis, interdisciplinary investigations, science communications, and capacity building (teaching, presentations, signage, advocacy).
Hear Gresley discussing her research on ABC Radio National in the link below:


Susan White (Consultant)

B.A., B.Sc., Dip.Ed., M.Sc., Ph.D.; OAM; Research Email Susan

Susan's interest in caving developed in the late 1960s and she actively engaged in speleological experiences through her early career as a teacher. This included participation in the Victorian Speleological Association’s ambitious program of documenting previously unknown Australia karst systems. Susan was mapping subsurface caverns in 1971, and continues to the present day with a program of remote-area work across Australia. Continued field work led to an interesting in geology and a Geology/Geography degree in 1977, an M.Sc. (1985), and a Ph.D. (2005). She served on committees and advisory boards on karst management and on recogition of geoheritage through the 1980s and to the present day. She currently manages the Victorian Geoheritage database for the Geological Society of Australia (Victoria Division). In 2015, Susan was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for her services to science and to youth. Susan’s aim as a consultant is to enable landholders to work with landscape processes for better outcomes. Her research interests are in assessment and documentation of Australian geological heritage, and uncovering and understanding Australia’s hidden karst.
Susan's capabilities are process geomorphology, karst and caves, remote-area field work, management issues of subsurface voids and waterways, geoheritage assessment, science communications, and capacity building (teaching, presentations, signage, advocacy).


Joanna Swain (Administrator)

Email Joanna

Joanna, a teacher by profession, now operates in small-business management. She administers our projects and contracts, and looks after our bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, and literature database.